22 year-old Rwandese Gafishi Gets Inspiring Message From Barack Obama to Become President of Rwanda

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On:7/06/2019 12:49
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A 22-year-old Rwandan, Isaac Gafishi, who has been living in the United States of America for 10 years, said that he was impressed by the message, that the former US President, Barack Obama texted to him. The young man revealed that he has a dream to become President of Rwanda.

Isaac Gafishi, who is just an entrepreneur, told, early this year, that he chairs Dream Catcher company, that sells various kinds of clothes, and that he founded it.

This young man, who is US-based Rwandan, was born in Rwanda in Rubavu District. He arrived in the United States when he was 12 years old.

So far, he has been living in the States for 10 years now. Isaac Gafishi previously disclosed that he possesses at least $ 50 million on his bank account, adding, he wants to build an iconic hotel in Rwanda and Ethiopia.

This week, Isaac Gafishi spoke to his followers on instagram that he was over the moon that the former US president, Barack Obama, replied to his message.

In an interview with, Isaac Gafishi confided that he wrote to Barack Obama by Email, asking for a piece of advice on what he dreams to achieve since he takes Obama as his role model, and surprisingly Obama replied. He further said that he did not think that Obama would answer him, because he firstly had called in the office of Obama but there was no one to pick the phone up, so he decided to look for his personal email.

Asked why he chose to contact Obama by the email address Gafishi responded that e-mail address is more reliable and respectful to communicate to Obama who is one of the most influential people in the world. He said, “I did not use Twitter because I felt that a great man like Obama deserves more respect and honor’’.

Asked why he wrote to Barack Obama not to another President like Donald Trump, who is an acting President of United States, he responded he loves Trump but Obama inspired him a lot.

Excited Gafishi opened about how he contacted Obama: “I sent him a letter by Email, he answered me. I didn't think he would answer me. I asked him my personal questions about being a good leader because our countries need good leaders,” said Gafish, who added that after he sent the letter to Obama by Email, he received a personal letter accompanied with another letter that he shared to the public. Asked what would happen if a person who replied to him was not a real Barack Obama, he said, ‘’I know very well, it is him and he replied on Tuesday, 14/05/2019 at noon’’.

Isaac Gafishi got excited with the message that he was sent by Obama 

Isaac Gafishi said that he had a dream to become President and that is why he wrote to Barack Obama.

“In fact, I feel that one day I will become a President. I don't know how I am going to make it happen but it is like a song that always comes back into my ears, I feel it and it is talking about me.”

Asked which country he is eager to rule Gafishi said that he is going to rule Rwanda very soon.

“I want to become a President of Rwanda. (…) I feel like I am going to be the President of our country. I do not know when it will be, but I feel it will be thanks to God's grace. I'm looking for what God wants to use me but I know that God wants to use me in ruling our country.” 

In the letter that Isaac Gafishi handed, which he was given by Barack Obama after an email that he had sent to him earlier, it states Barack Obama thanked him for the good news he had written to him and told him that he was very happy to receive his message.

It further stated that young people of Obama’s age give him a hope of future. He also told him that there was nothing that he could never do if he has a dream and works hard to get there. He advised him to continue to study and help others.

The letter sates

Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States 

Isaac Gafishi complemented that he has a dream to become President, he told that being a servant of God will help him become a President, hinting, he will be among five most successful people in the world.

Speaking to, Isaac Gafishi said: “People are used to telling me that I will be among five people who are the most successful in the world, and they told me that I will become a President, but I oftentimes get scared of all the things that plenty of people say about me, it gets me afraid. I wonder why it is me. He kept saying that he has many things that God had promised him, whether people can believe it or not. This makes him proud of God because he has chosen him. He says, “Once I ponder and say, why is the sinner like me?”

Who is Isaac Gafishi who has a dream to become President? 

Isaac Gafishi was born in Gisenyi, to the western province of Rwanda, on May 9, 1996, to a family of 5 children, he is a fifth child. He was raised in a Christian family. He grew up singing in the choir. He now sings solo gospel; he is popularly known as Isaac Israel on the stage. He studied primary schools in Rwanda and continued higher education in the United States. He has finished Master’s Degree, last year, in Psychology and Kinesiology. At the age of 14, he started trading. At the age of 19, he founded his own home in the United States, his five-storey house that claimed to be worth $ 670 thousand.

He says he looks to help the poor. Presently, he has 20 students for whom he pays school fees. He says that God has given him richness so that he helps others. 

What kind of work does Isaac Gafishi do in US? 

Isaac Gafishi Opened about what he does in the United States in order to save $ 50 million on his bank account.

 "I got to have a lot of promo, host a lot classes, and a camper named Primerica, a team of 30 people with insurance, I teach them to trade their stocks for their own boss. 'This group gives 20% of each salary. I am the Founder and CEO of the Dreamcatcher brand; we sell different kinds of clothes.” Gafishi said.



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