Joseph Musoni Releases gospel ballad – Watch it here

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:6/05/2019 13:53
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A solo singer, Joseph Musoni has released a video track dubbed ‘’Shyira Hejuru.''

A bond believer of Nyabugingo Worship Center, headed by Bishop Gacura, Joseph told that he has released Shyiwra Hejuru track, following  ‘’Mba Ndi he’’ in acoustic melody. He added he aims at spreading gospel message through his songs.

‘’ I intend to praise the Lord, help people, with shattered hearts, to come back to God,’’ he uttered, stressing that he want to expend his singing talent and have his message crossed boarders, in a bid to reach many people in need of salvation. 

Press here to watch the video track of Shyirwa Hejuru 



Rutayisire Patience


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