‘Insecurity flourishes where we fail to cooperate with each other adequately’-President Kagame

Author: Tony Karera
On:13/11/2017 18:52
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President Kagame urges African countries to cooperate so as to solve their own problems The president was addressing a panel in the International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa taking place in Dakar, Senegal Monday, 13th, November, 2017.

President Paul Kagame said that insecurity flourishes where countries fail to cooperate with each other adequately building on whatever available resources

‘Insecurity takes many forms, from terrorism to uncontrolled migration, to divisive politics, or even consequences of the failure to adapt to climate change. But whatever the challenge is, we can most successfully address it by working together.’-President Paul Kagame

‘That means coordinating among ourselves as Africans. If we allow others to bear the burden and to define our challenges for us and take responsibility for addressing those problems on our behalf, we have only ourselves to blame for the dismal results.’ President Kagame adds

However, President Kagame mentioned that African unity and resolve do not negate the importance of productive collaboration with the external partners. On the contrary, after all, on many critical priorities, such as counter-terrorism, our interests are fully aligned.

This is the fourth edition of the Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security. The forum runs under the theme, “Current security challenges in Africa: towards integrated solutions.” The forum brings together close to 400 participants from high-level regional and international political and military authorities, experts, academics from the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations as well as civil society



President Paul Kagame on the Panel

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