Chameleone’s first concert in Kigali flops

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On:27/06/2015 13:55
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Dr. Jose Chameleone was set to perform the first of his series of concerts in Kigali this Friday, June 26 at Kigali Serena Hotel but he never set his feet on stage.

The concert which was set to start at 6 PM up to 10 PM did not go off as the ending time hit without any artist to come up the stage, only the Master of the Ceremony who came once to introduce the show, no other else.

The least attended concert was closed and a few people who have paid their 10k Rwandan Francs tickets got refunded and headed back home without dancing with their favorite artists especially Chameleone.


Intebe zari zambaye ubusa

Abitabiriye igitaramo bari mbarwa


Empty seats ended up cold

Ill-organization is the first issue being talked of to be behind the concert flop, as all began at the time Ugandan singer arrived in Kigali welcomed by mistreatments which arose the disputes with his inviters.

The Royal FM which was behind the show spokesperson, Mr Skizzy who was set to be the Master of this Ceremony told that “it’s not our fault that the concert is cancelled. It’s because of Serena Hotel. We were due to go till dawn and Chameleone was set to perform up to the midnight, but Serena kills off all. We paid the upstairs room, but they gave it to the other people else for meeting. At our arrival, those who occupied it refused to leave the space, and the hotel gave us the tents. After putting all in order, police came to tell us that we are causing noise and it’s illegal. Serena hotel staff knew that it’s illegal to play music in tents, but they let us do. It’s their fault, not ours.”


Basubizwa utwabo

Few fans that already paid their 10k got refunded, and headed back home with the concert never happened.

It all began in the morning of this Friday at Chameleone arrival at Kigali Airport when the time management on the side of organizers was so broke. Chameleone waited at the airport for up to an hour without anybody giving him a direction of where to go.


Disappointed Chameleone disputed with Mr. Skizzy who was due to welcome him

Coming to the place where he would rest, he spent other tens of minutes without 'who tells him to go where', and the singer got upset up to the level he could not control his temper and got into disputes with organizers accusing them the unprofessionalism in what they do. He even refused to get in V8 high Class car prepared for him and rode with Vid Frank in his blue Toyota Carina.



Chameleone refused to enter V8 high Class car and got in Vid Frank's Toyota Carina.

Yahise yigira muri Serena Hotel ahagombaga kubera igitaramo ariko kandi hari na mukeba we na we ufite igitaramo ku munsi w'ejo. Bakaba bagiranye ibihe byiza

Before the anticipated show, Chameleone met his contender Baby Cool and they had a quite nice conversation he shared on his Facebook page

Leone Island Empire king’s second concert is set to happen this Saturday June 27, at Expo Ground Gikondo, the very time his contender Baby Cool will be at Porto Fino Hotel Nyarutarama performing in Rwanda International Fashion World.

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