’Leave me alone unless you love what you get’- Knowless Butera

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:12/09/2020 19:08
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Platini co-starred in a fresh hit with Knowless, narrating failed love story of a quarrelling couple because of ingratitude.

Platini Nemeye is working on music alone after his comrade, who was a member of Dream Boyz group, left for United States of America. The songster has released a new track dubbed Ntabirenze featuring Butera Knowless.

Platini released a new song featuring Knowless Butera

In the new song, the singers narrate a failed love story of a couple who always quarrel each other.

‘’ You are no longer the girl I met at the beginning, even makeups can’t give you back the beauty you had when we started dating, you used to be gorgeous, you were flawless…why did you change? Don’t blame me if I date young girls,’’ Platini told Knowless.

"No, there is no stress, you can leave me alone unless you love what you see, nothing more,’’ Knowless replied to Platini.   

She continued to confide that he fails to try’’ You get tired before you go up the mountain, there is no excuse, I can’t even recall your good smell since it faded away, then run behind mistresses but all is in vain. I will lose nothing; Cz you have nothing special. Fuck off unless you love what you get,’’ she said.      

This song delayed roughly three days before it was released because its video production was yet to finish. Later, Platini announced that he would release it on Friday, 11 September 2020. In terms of sounds, audio track was mixed and enhanced in Kina Music studio, directed by Clement Ishimwe while video was mastered by Big Team Production. 

Press here to watch it 

This music goes out following Veronika featuring Rafika, which became a hit. Fata amano featuring Safi Madiba and Ya Motema featuring Nel Ngabo. Platini is for now solo singer and acts like he forgot about Dream Boyz group.  



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