Ingabire Reaps Beyond-belief Benefit from Growing Mushrooms

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:11/09/2020 19:00
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During this trying time of covid-19 pandemic many employees have lost their jobs, however brave ones devised a way to start a small earning business to survive.

Ingabire has never sit back waiting miracle to happen but, after the pandemic out broke, she stood up and paced around to look into what she was to do at home in order to make money.

“Indoor mushroom farming is also worth giving a try. This is one of the easiest, since we now spend more time at home. In just 10 days, one can be harvesting,” she told New Times, adding that when she plants two hundred spores of mushrooms she at least harvests one hundred kilograms of fresh mushrooms only within a week. 

Born in Nyamata, Ingabire reaps beyond-belief benefit from the mushrooms since one kilogram of fresh mushroom in Rwanda costs roughly Rfw3000, while 200 spores that can produce 100kgs of fresh mushrooms, if planted, costs about Rfrw500.   

She believes that those who have access to arable lands at their household are more likely to grow indoor mushrooms. She further explained that such business does not require possessing a big plot of land but a small space is enough. 

The businesswoman continued to explain that mushrooms only need a small space where they are likely to control temperature, humidity and light. Mushroom farming does not require so much attention such as weeding or supervising.

Doing business at home is never costly but still one who is involved ought to read up and get updated on how to get started. In Rwanda, many people prefer to register their businesses, in Rwanda development board, to legitimize their possessions to stay safe in terms of being aware of their rights and obligations. 

Another important aspect in doing business lies in building strong social networks, to promote your unique product to the public, such as Face Book, Instagram, Linkdin, joining WhatsApp groups among others. This facilitates the business owner to inform people of the existence of the business and that they tend to take action on a newly released product or harvest.       



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