The Pink Teams up with Celebrities for Rap Music

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:6/09/2020 20:30
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The Pink teams up with African music stars to drop an acoustic ballad dubbed ‘Queens Cypher’ which clocks 5 minutes and 38 seconds.

Clarisse Uwineza is a Rwandan female rapper who is popularly known for her gospel songs. Better known on stage as The Pink, she is devising a way to take her music to the next level.  

The cypher ballad features 7 African female rappers involving Malawian Luki, Gumbo from Zambia, Kharis from Nigeria, Lady B also from Nigeria, Lilywhite from Kenya, The Pink from Rwanda and Starsky of Nigeria. The 7 gospel rappers were selected thanks to their music performance. 

The Pink was buoyant to have collaborated with her fellow African rappers

After being recorded by Hiden Spinal of God’s Hyper man entertainment studio, the former secular music singer, The Pink confided to Inyarwanda how she ventured into Hip-hop music style.

‘’ At the beginning, I went to anonymous church here in Rwanda, so that i can be member of choir. I remember when I got out, a Ugandan man called me upon and said that he liked what I do and that he would do something to help. Then, I started talks with one of Ugandan journalist and concluded that African gospel singers would work jointly as a unity,’’ she revealed.

She added:’’ He connected me with a Nigerian, and later, things went so fast. I came to know Djs from Zambia, Malawi and eventually this project appeared. It was the idea of the Zambian, Timothy- who wanted female rappers to get together. The next was my part to record my voice regarding a beat they sent to me, and I had to send back my recording for them to do arrangement,’’ she explained.   

She expressed her gratitude towards capital record studio that supported her until she reaped big. The female rapper, who goes to evangelical restauration church based in Masoro, claimed that she felt over the moon since she has gotten to work jointly with rappers with big names in Africa.

‘’ To me, I am so excited to be part of this project, because I reflected on that before 2020 arrived. I had feelings that I were to work with people outside of the country, especially from Burundi and Congo, because I managed to hold talks with them,’’ she said.  

She added that she was very lucky to have collaborated with singers she never thought of getting closer to.

‘’ You see that God has paved my way, things that I could never think that might happen to me. We expect that this project is going to be a starting point of gospel female rappers who work harder. We want to put a foundation stone on evangelism,’’ she further said.

The Pink is one of the Chrap rappers which was founded by Patrick. The Pink’s voice is heard in the Chrap’s songs such as ‘Nyibutsa’ and’ Why Me.’

In her music journey, The Pink did various songs such as Ituro, Intwaro z’Imana, You Love Me featuring NPC and Columbus, Hold Me she collaborated with Eddie Mico, Ikiganza cy’ Uwiteka co-starring Gabi Kamanzi, among others.

Press here to listen to Queens cypher 


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