Olivier Regrets He didn't know School-Bully was Violence

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:21/07/2020 14:10
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Olivier is Sixteen years old, and optimistic about a significant role that school clubs play in fighting against violence in society.

Born in Gisagara District, Olivier has four siblings and lives with his mother. Unfortunately his father is in prison. His mother is a farmer and buys school materials for him. All children in his family do house chores.

He says ‘’I used to think that parents have rights of beating their children and that no one could make them stop but in school clubs we were taught to speak out. In Speak Out Project, I have learnt that beating someone is also physical violence regardless of who is doing it.” He added that he was unaware of other forms of violence, but he learnt about them in school club. Olivier got to realize  that school bullying is a form of violence and he stopped it.

The only person I used to trust was my mother but now I have another one who is my club facilitator. He is so good to me and I easily approach him when I have a problem. He teaches me and can teach others what I learn from school clubs.  


Rutayisire Patience


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