Humble Jizzo Celebrates a Colorful Birthday Party With his Family

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:29/08/2019 11:13
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Urban Boyz music band member, Humble Jizzo was surprised by his American wife who made a secret birthday party for him.

He took advantage to take his parents to have a walk through Kigali Convention Center building. 

His Wife, Amy Blauman, stealthily alerted the singer's family members one by one about the party and solicited his co-singer, Nizzo Kaboss to watch him over and attentively bring him over at Radisson Blu Hotel based inside Convention Center building. 

 When Jizzo got in the hotel he was startled with applauding of people singing a birthday song together with flames of candles surrounding them. He was perhaps wondering how they knew his birthday. To him, it is a hallmark of a true love. 

 ‘’ I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my family and friends gathering around flames of candles but I was such a brave man to blow off the candles,’’ he said. 

After eating a cake together for celebrating his birthday party, Jizzo in passing ushered his family to walk through Kigali Convention Center Building which to them was an amazing life experience. It has been a while since Humble Jizzo wedded with Amy Blauman, a Rwandan-based American.

Humble Jizzo walking with his father through Kigali Convention Center Building 


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