Israel Mbonyi Drops Soulful Ballad Video-KARAME

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:1/08/2019 15:33
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For the fist time in history, Israel Mbonyi released a new video ballad narrating God's love story on human kind he entitled KARAME.

Since he ventured into music realm, Israel Mbonyi, today, unveiled video single'' KARAME'' which was live recorded. 

The ''Uri Number One" hit maker is popular thanks to his worshiping ballad such as Ibihe, Hari Ubuzima, Intashyo, Sinzibagirwa, Kumarembo y'Ijuru, Kumusaraba, Nzi Ibyo Nibwira, Indahiro featuring Aime Uwimana among others. He has taken up music throne in Rwanda and abroad. Lovers of his songs reportedly put pressure on him, requesting him to make videos and it appears that he lend them ears and responded to them. 

Press here to watch his new video'' Karame''

Speaking in interview with INYARWARWANDA Israel said he had it live recorded. The single appears on his first live DVD which also comprises other songs that he has yet to to finish.

He went on to reveal that the new ballad clocked roughly 30 minutes in rehearsal while it was being filmed and that actors and actresses shed tears of joy, reminiscing great love that Jesus feels for them despite having born with sinful nature. 

The ballad was posted on You tube channel in this morning, Thursday, 1st August 2019. It clocks 12 minutes and 54 seconds. 

'' Listen...! Dear my heart! Others chant ''Karame,'' let me ask you! Others chant' yes' do you love him{God} too? Others chant'' of course!'' Can you testify it? Others chant'' yes'', then, chant and chant louder he will come down,'' they chanted.


Rutayisire Patience


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  • Asiimwe sam1 year ago
    He is a gifted true worshipper. His songs are holy spirit filled. I've been touched by his sings especially karame
  • Itangishaka abel1 year ago
    MURAHO NEZA NI Itangishaka uturuka iburasira zuba mukarere ka kirehe umurenge kigarama akagari nyankurazo kurusumo ndasaba islaer mbonyi ngo akorere igitaramo hano iwacu kuko tumukunda turi benshiiii!!!