Rwanda Kwibuka 25: 6 Genocide Memorial Centers You Must know

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:11/04/2019 14:13
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The vast number of sectors and Districts in Rwanda have at least a memorial site. Some of the memorial centers have unique history of the genocide that killed about a million Tutsi.

Here are 6 genocide memorial centers you need to know.

1.The Kigali genocide memorial center

Known as Gisozi memorial center, it comes the first in dimension according to the number of bodies laid to rest therein, because it entombs at least two thousand and a half bodies originated from all across Kigali city where some were found thrown in bushes, rivers and others in warehouses.  

Came into existence from 2004, the Gisozi memorial site has three rooms; one constitutes historical monuments about the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The next consists mementos of killed children and the third room has archives telling deep history of the genocide in Rwanda. 


2.The Murambi genocide memorial center

Based in the former Gikongoro prefecture, now became Nyamagabe District, the Murambi memorial site entails a reception where guests are told the historical background of the massacre against Tutsi. A tomb homing at least fifty thousand bodies and a room of signs identifying the bodies. 

3. The Nyamata genocide memorial center

Homes at least 45 thousand bodies. The majority of Tutsi who lived in Bugesera and Nyamata, escaped to this area unfortunately, machetes of slaughters found them and killed them all in cold blood. At least 45 thousand children, women and men lost lives in here.

4. The Bisesero genocide memorial center

The Bisesero genocide memorial center is located in the Karongi District and said to be a heroes’ memorial site because the Tutsi victims tried to defend themselves and fended off murderers using spears, machetes and stones for one month before they were killed. The memorial site came into existence in 1998 and claimed to be a center of the genocide against Tutsi’s history. Being a hill memorial site, it is made of three houses with three rooms each. The nine rooms represent nine communes that formed the Kibuye prefecture. On the hill plateau, there are three entombments housing more than fifty thousand bodies.  There are stairs that represent grueling and dreadful tragedy that Tutsi went through and a library where books about the genocide history are stored.  


5. The Nyarubuye genocide memorial center

This memorial center is based in the Kirehere District. About twenty thousand Tutsi victims were slaughtered in two days between 13th and 14th April 1994.

6. The Ntarama genocide memorial center

The Ntarama church turned into a genocide memorial site since around five thousand Tutsi killed therein. It is said to be the national most recognized memorial site because of signs identifying bodies laid to rest in there that include; clothes, jewelries among others.  



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