Official discloses: Eddy Kenzo is engaged to Minister Nyamutooro

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:2/04/2024 16:06
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The latest buzz in the corridors of power revolves around the commendable gesture of appreciation extended by renowned artist Eddy Kenzo towards Minister Phiona Nyamutooro, as Minister Dr. Lilian Aber lauds their exemplary collaboration.

Reports emerging from the Ministry suggest that a bond of admiration has been fostered between Eddy Kenzo and Minister Phiona Nyamutooro, with recent developments hinting at a significant milestone in their relationship – the adoption of a child.

One of the key figures within the government, Minister Nyamutooro, alongside Dr. Lilian Aber, who is poised to assume the role of State Minister for Refugees, revealed that the recent act of recognition by Eddy Kenzo symbolizes a new chapter in their association.

Minister Lilian remarked, "Eddy Kenzo has graciously acknowledged our shared responsibilities and has expressed his gratitude for the new role bestowed upon him. He went further to pen down his appreciation in writing."

This mutual exchange of appreciation comes as Minister Nyamutooro continues to champion initiatives aimed at fostering goodwill, alongside assuming new responsibilities that underscore her dedication to public service.

Eddy Kenzo, on his part, has emphasized the significance of timing in this gesture, alluding to a deeper meaning behind his actions beyond mere words, despite facing scrutiny from some quarters regarding the nature of their relationship.

The formal recognition of Minister Nyamutooro was unveiled during the Easter Sunday celebrations, marking a poignant moment in their evolving partnership.

The love between the two figures first made headlines in 2023, yet their journey continues to capture the public's imagination, with many eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their story.

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