Check out InyaRwanda Top 10 for the last month, FOU DE TOI, leading

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:2/06/2023 9:41
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As we start the period of summer, artists who work with InyaRwanda characterized by hard work and great innovation and creativity in their singing career for the recent month of May.

The list below enlists the heating and great songs that showed great vibes in the Month of May, 2023; InyaRwanda TO 10. 

Number 1: FOU DE TOI

This song has been heating and causing great vibes. It is by Producer Element ft Rossa Kana & Bruce Melody. From different platforms, like Youtube, it received great achievements. Next songs are the below.

Number 2: NAKWICA, by B Threy

Number 3: ZANZIBAR, from Harmonize ft Bruce Melody

Number 4: SHAYO, of Ariel Wayz

Number 5: VOICE NOTE, of Tom Close ft Bull Dog

Number 6: BABASORE, Nel Ngabo ft Bruce Melody

Number 7: TEKOVA, Confy

Number 8: KONJO, from John Frog ft Bruce Melody

Number 9: MY HEART, by Nel Ngabo

Number 10: FOR LIFE, by Bob Pro ft Okkama & Afrique

 InyaRwanda releases TOP 10 every month. Of this month is yet to come! 

Check out InyaRwanda Top 10, FOU DE TOI, by Bruce Melodie, leading.