R. Kelly Ordered to Pay 4$ Million to his Victim

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:28/03/2023 16:01
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The rapper, R. Kelly whose jail time recently extended after being sentenced to 30 years behind bars, was ordered to pay compensation of 4 million US dollar to his victim whose age is 16 years old for his offences.

Robert Sylvester Kelly who was top singer in the industry of music in the United State of America and get imprisoned on charges of sexual assaults offended to young ladies and women with whom he divorced as well as teenagers under 18.

For the moment R. Kelly whose sentence time extended after being sentenced to 30 years behind bars for his convicted criminal offences, was ordered by court to pay compensation for his offences to a woman called Heather Williams whom he sexually assaulted when she was 16 years old.

These money that the court ordered R. Kelly to pay Heather Williams whom he assaulted equals to 4 million US Dollar as her legal representative named after Jennifer Bonjean reported to Billboard. She said that her client Heather Williams asked the court in 2019 that the victim would be given compensation because of sexual assaults suffered done by R. Kelly who violated her when she was a teenager.

Billboard continues by saying that the court ordered Sony Music, a company that produces and sells music, to pay this sum from music business of this rapper. Reasons why for this is that R. Kelly cannot afford to pay this sum of money, which is why the court ordered Sony Music to pay it for him because it is the only one which is making money from R. Kelly’s music.R. Kelly ordered to pay 4 million US Dollar to his victim woman called Heather William whom he sexually assaulted when she was 16.