Ne-Yo has finalized his divorce from Crystal Renay and will pay a lump sum of $1.6 million.

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:3/02/2023 10:12
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Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and his ex-wife Crystal Renay have finalized their divorce, and he has agreed to pay her a huge $1.6 million lump sum, TMZ reports.

According to legal documents, the pair have agreed to share custody of their three kids and for Ne-Yo to keep three of their four shared homes. He will pay $1.6 million to Renay, and she’ll get an additional $20,000 in moving expenses.

Since he’s taking their shared 2022 Bentley Bentayga, he’ll also send her $150,000 so that she can purchase her own car. When it comes to child support, she’ll be getting $12,000 a month and he’ll be covering their school expenses. Finally, there’s $5,000 in alimony, which will be paid over the next three years. As part of the divorce proceedings, they’ve agreed not to introduce new romantic partners to their youngest children until they get remarried or engaged, or they can agree on something.

Last year, Renay accused her ex-husband of cheating on her for eight years. “Eight years of lies and deception. Eight years of unknowingly sharing my life and husband with numerous women who sell their bodies to him unprotected,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “To say I’m heartbroken and disgusted is an understatement. To ask me to stay and accept it is absolutely insane.”

She filed for divorce not long after, and claimed their marriage was “irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation.” She accused him of fathering a child with another woman, and initially requested primary physical custody of the kids but joint legal custody.

When their separation was first revealed, Ne-Yo asked for privacy. “For the sake of our children, my family and I will work through our challenges behind closed doors,” Ne-Yo wrote on Twitter. “Personal matters are not meant to be addressed and dissected in public forums. I simply ask that you please respect me and my family’s privacy at this time.”

Source: Complex