Canada: Lucky G and Esther have founded a community with the purpose of changing the lives of disabled children

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:15/12/2022 10:45
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Luckyson Elijah Gasangwa, who recently prepared a concert for Israel Mbonyi in the City of Calgary in Canada in collaboration with his wife Gasangwa Esther, founded a family called “ Living Channel Services” to help the needy of different families.

The two are already counted in Calgary in the City of Alberta in Canada. The organization was set up to contribute to the transformation of the well-being of various Rwandan people, as their contribution to the country’s development.

‘Living Channel Services’ is built on the goal of caring for children with physical and mental disabilities.

They are located in Kayonza District the Eastern Province in three sectors Mukarange, Kabarondo and Gahini. They already have 30 members and started in 2017.

Esther and Gasangwa told InyaRwanda that the idea of establishing this organization was built on helping children with this disability problem ‘so that their parents could get out of isolation to where others were.

They said, “Their Children also get medical care, and have the right to live like all other children.”

Among the activities of the organization are the payment of medical insurance (Mituelle de Sante) these children and their families.

Buying epilepsy and everything else when they are sick. They provide them with ticket money when they are taking children to the hospital, and give them food, clothing, and hygiene supplies twice a year.

Parents are helped to start development projects, and they are formed in three groups.

Those in the Mukarange group breed chickens, members of the Gahini and Kabamondare group who go to pig breeding groups.

They are taught how to take care of these children how to clean them properly, and to give them a balanced diet.

For children with malnutrition, the Living channel has provided them with milk and bought them supplements.

Every six months there is a sharing event that brings together children, parents and leaders in the public sector and Living Channel Services.

It is in the context of Monday of this Week, the donors of the organization living in Canada are Costaud and Cathy Rwamuningi who visited the family's beneficiaries in Kayonza District.

It was in the process of wishing them a Mery Christmas and the best new year of 2023. Costaud and Cathy carried food, including rice, sugar, cooking oil, salt, milk, soap and other utensils.

In her remarks, Ms. Cathy Rwamuningi spoke in favor of the ‘Living Channel services’ its representatives and volunteers.

She is very grateful for the changes that have taken place, as when he visited children and parents in 2018, they now looked good than the last time when she visited

The woman promised the children and parents with disabilities, as her sibling wished to do this project in Rwanda “I will do it” she said

Her husband Costaud emphasized what his wife said, thanking everyone involved in caring for these children.

The parents of the children represented by Catheline who gifted the donors with a poem saying thank you and showing the activities that have already been done for them.

The event was also attended by Mr. Ruremesha Orale, a Kayonza District Care Officer who was very pleased with the activities of the organization and its donors.

He learned that the region would continue to support the organization's activities. There is also the Director of Living Channel in Rwanda, Dusabe Jackie who thanked the participants for the dinner and hospitality ceremony.