They gave him a phone as collateral! Main reason why Kenny Sol didn’t perform at Rwanda Rebirth Celebration concert

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:8/08/2022 17:11
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The artist published an open letter saying in details the reason he didn’t perform at the Rwanda Rebirth celebration concert where he would be performing on the same night as Mugisha Benjamin [The Ben] who is currently doing his music in the USA that took place at BK Arena

The letter was out by Sunday on August 7, 2022 after the rumors on social media that the reason behind him refusing to perform is because he wasn’t given ‘Hennesy’ and it was in their agreement.

As InyaRwanda got news that Kenny Sol agreed with the organizers 2 Rwf millions for him to sing at the concert same as others they were told the money would be given to them the day of the concert

This artist was at BK Arena asking to be given the money and was told that they will give him a check that will be withdrawn within 10 days he waited for the check but didn’t get it. He was told that the person who was supposed to sign on the check wasn’t there

In other artists that did perform at this concert there is one that was given 230rwf another was given 300rwf, and then they sang and there contracts says they have to be given 1milion rwf

In the announcement he assigned for media Kenny Sol said that he wrote the letter with a heart full of sorrow as an artist who did everything he could to be where he is by now  

He said he used social media in order to say something on things that held Rwandan music behind, he started by saying actions with less knowledge is one of the things that causes our music to stay behind, he labels it as a virus   

He said that Rwandan people are the only ones that the organizer of an event feels valuable that the artist and he is not happy with how they invite you to sing at a concert as if it’s out of pity

He was like “you are laying to yourselves its not out of pity on the other sid you need as in your business”

“we stay sleepless nights making music sometimes we don’t have money to do the clips and for advertising them and a lot of you do this for your own good and to fill your pockets " he said

He said another concert he did perform in its 2 months now and he hadn’t got the payment yet and also he asked RDB if they know that the artists that sang in Chop life aren’t paid yet  he also showed his concern if the organizers and the investors know that they have to take care of the artist they are working with

He said that he knows that by saying the truth that he will get many haters but that is for a better future, he said its not a one man problem that also his fellow artist have had this phase as its all over social media some artists like Juno Kizigenza and Ish kevine addressed the matter