If you do these things your Fashion Aesthetic is that girl-PHOTO

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:7/07/2022 12:32
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What does that girl aesthetic mean? It means that girl that always look put together without over doing it the clean girl aesthetic usually goes as the ‘no makeup’ makeup, sleek, anti-trend outfit and it’s taking over as the summer favorite look trending also on tiktok and has also launched a bunch of tutorial all over social media.

To have that clean girl aesthetic there are some things you have to add in your life first of all the clean girl’s skin is glowy all time, her hair is shiny, her makeup looks as if she isn’t even wearing one and her wardrobe’s features is chic basics rather than trendy items.

The visuals of that girl aesthetic include tidy space, organized drawers/cabinets and clean bathrooms they also go places like gym, walks in pretty parks/outdoors places.

Some of things that can help you with your wardrobe as that girl try the green color often, matching set, leggings, sweatshirts, tennis skirts, Jordan1s, FILAS, Nike running shoes, ‘pearls, gold, beaded, clay or silver rings’ simple necklaces  you are that girl if you have at least half of these.  

There are different hobbies for that girl that you can try out to be that girl cleaning, workout, going for works, cooking, meditating, journaling, and self-care you are that girl if you enjoy these

Tennis skirt 

Add green to your wardrobe 

Take care of your skin 

Step up your accessories game 

Life is fun and refreshing when you are that girl.