Dr. Diane Gashumba Stands a Chance of Being Rayon Sports President

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:20/10/2020 20:03
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It has been alleged that former Rwanda’s health Minister Dr. Diane Gashumba stands a chance of being appointed as Rayon Sports president.

This news comes after new Rayon Sports provisional committee remains with only four days in power. Many people have begun to wonder who is probably going to take over the Rwanda’s blues team when the transitional period is over. On the other hand, sports lovers claim that the former health Minister, Gashumba must be suitable for the position in case she declares her candidacy to lead the team.

Dr. Diane Gashumba in the middle, watching Rayon Sports match 

Travelling back in a few days ago, the Rwanda governance board ousted old Rayon Sports committee, which was under Sadate Munyakazi’s regime and replaced it with the provisional committee led by Abdallah Murenzi. Murenzi’s leadership was to run the team for thirty days despite his commitment to by-law reorganize it until new committee elect takes over. 

It is expected that thirty days of transitional period will end by 24th October 2020 and later Rayon Sports members will have a green light to officially elect their new steering committee.   

Former Rwanda’s health Minister’s name has been headlining social media platforms, alluding that she will stand a chance to win the voting.   

Dr. Diane, who resigned over lying to the President,  enjoys watching Rayon Sports matches and is said to be a bond fan of the team. Another person who might be a fit candidate is Thadee Twagirayezu, the acting president of FERWACY.  

Rayon Sports continues to devise ways to restore its competency by recruiting new players who will assist in achieving triumphant victory.      



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