Is entering gospel music a wise decision for Niyo Bosco?

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:26/03/2024 14:32
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Renowned artist Niyo Bosco, formerly known as Bosco, has made a significant announcement regarding his entry into gospel music, pledging a commitment to praise and worship.

On Saturday night, Niyo Bosco, formerly signed to Kikac Music, revealed to the national broadcaster, RBA, his decision to venture into gospel music, expressing his desire to glorify God through songs he has been inspired to create.

This decision has sparked considerable interest among his followers, many of whom have been eagerly anticipating his return to the music scene after a hiatus of two years, during which time he underwent a transformative journey aimed at refining his musical craft. He was previously associated with Bwiza Entertainment.

What sets this revelation apart is the noticeable shift in Niyo Bosco's demeanor as he approaches the production of songs that comprise his upcoming EP, "New Chapter," which includes tracks such as "Ndabihiwe," for which he recently released a video, "Smile, Hora mama," and others.

Some of his Rwandan fans, particularly those keen on gospel music, have attested to the spiritual transformation evident in his recent works, noting that gospel music seems to resonate with his personal experiences and beliefs. 

While some of his previous songs were party anthems, including hits like "Piyapuresha," "Urugi," and "Buriyana," his latest endeavor marks a departure into a genre centered on spiritual upliftment.

One Rwandan commentator, while withholding their identity, commented, "I personally see Niyo Bosco's decision to embrace gospel music as a divine calling or perhaps a revelation he has received. 

Considering his journey, from surviving a near-death experience to finding solace in his faith, his decision to embark on this new path is indeed a testament to God's power. He had a close call on the first day he met Irene Mulindahabi who prayed for him and this was a good start to his work of God."

Niyo Bosco acknowledges the challenges inherent in transitioning to gospel music, stating, "Changing lanes to Gospel is good, but not as easy as people might think. You can easily lose touch with the audience you previously had. 

However, here, there is no pretense; I work with a lot of love. But in gospel, it's different; if you release a song praising God, especially if you know its truth, it can work out because there are many who want to repent and remember that music for worshiping and praising God is in high demand these days."

Niyo Bosco's versatility shines through as he maintains his reputation as a prolific songwriter in gospel music, having penned songs that have been warmly received by fans, such as those written for Dorcas and Vestine. He appears poised to continue writing and collaborating extensively, ensuring that his musical journey remains intertwined with the faith-based messages he wishes to convey.

Niyo Bosco has completed his transition into gospel music, dedicating himself to praising and worshiping God