6 things girls want in their boyfriends before and after marriage

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:16/08/2023 13:52
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Love is like a flower that needs to be watered day by day and what a person does is what makes it last, for girls there is something in common that everyone wants for their lover before and after they live a happy life together.

Here are the top 6 things girls always want in their boyfriends before and after they're together:

1. Talk to him in a nice way

Females or women in general are people who like to be noticed and told well all the time. So when a girl is being courted, she likes a guy who dances, she tells him nice words that make her feel tender and loving, and she talks to him and tells him what he likes and what he likes about her, some of his favorite body parts and so on.

When it's time to get married, he feels that his husband should continue to do so, avoiding anything that might hurt him, even if he is in the wrong.

2. Dress well

In women's nature they always want to look good, dress well, i.e. clothes that match the season, and leave me alone. When a woman marries a man, she feels that she should adorn him and dress him in beautiful clothes that will give him honor wherever he goes.

So when a girl is dating, she appreciates a guy who thinks about her sometimes and gives her a gift of beautiful clothes, especially according to her appearance.

When he gets married, he often feels that it is the man's responsibility to dress her well. Rwandan women like their husbands to buy them decent clothes such as hats, bags, shoes, purses and other small things that make them happy, including watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.

3. Patience and forgiveness

A woman always wants a man who will put up with her all the time, especially when she is weak, and even forgive her when she is tired. There is no woman who loves a man who always complains or comforts her about things that she has not done well, but she loves someone who is always close to her and is always ready to forgive her and tolerate her in everything.

4. Love and care for him like before

Women or girls who love men who do not give up in love; that is, a man or a young man who always shows love to them, who did not love her in the first days, then once he was attracted to her, she left him. Women want their husbands to show them love day and night.

5. Call him by his good name

 When a girl or a woman falls in love, she wants the guy they are dating to change her name; he calls her a name of love in order to tease her and dance with her.

So when a girl or a woman has a name named by her boyfriend, she feels loved and there is no one else more than loved. But what pleases him even more is that this name is called when they are in another place or in a crowd.

6. Take him for a walk

Girls and women love to go out, so this makes them love a guy or a man who goes out with them. A woman wants her husband to change the way they live together, not to be confined to the house or to be confined to the routine of going to work and returning home.

She wants him to spend some time on vacation, go out with her or take a break from work and take a trip to a place where they are not used to.