US: Fear of not getting a wife, he increased his height by surgery

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:8/12/2020 12:52
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Being tall is seen as a great thing in different parts of the world as some see it as a way to get loved by many; a way to enter a career in the fashion industry and others, just to look good and smart in their way.

Unfortunately, it’s not a thing you get by only wishing it, it's a native nature for which you can’t buy.

But recently or as far as I know; different people all over the world decide to get surgery to obtain what they want, be it beauty or height.

Sam Becker decided to get surgery to be tall

It’s costly, painful with side effects of course but they do it anyway.

Sam Becker, an American boy who used to be “short” with 162 cm decided to get surgery to be tall.
He used to be taller in junior high school but after he found himself shorter than others as he said.

“When I went to college, I found myself shorter than other boys, even girls,” he said.  "This affects your health. Honestly, girls don't agree to be attracted to boys who are overweight. But the most important thing was always thinking that I would never get a wife."

Sam, 30, living in New York, decided to deal with that “problem” in his way in 2015.

USA, Germany, South Korea among the first countries many people do surgery. It’s a time-consuming procedure, costly, sometimes painful task with long side effects. The most common are breast plastic surgery and nose surgery.