Obama, Bush and Clinton to take covid-19 vaccine on camera

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:4/12/2020 18:47
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Former Presidents of US, Obama, Bush and Clinton are expected to take the covid-19 vaccine to help drive an initiative for people to take the vaccine which has been portrayed as dangerous and a weapon to kill human race.

The suspicion on its safety was raised when it was announced that its(vaccine) trials will be done in Africa which came into many people’s minds that despite its necessity, the vaccine would be used as a biological weapon. 

The pandemic that has taken a large toll of death since it started last year in December, was also taken to be political mind game for leaders to hoodwink their citizens.


Things weren’t easy, as they seem but at last, the world agreed on one point: “fight covid-19 as soon as possible at any cost” but then the problem was who would be the first to get tested on with the vaccine as the world is striving to find the cure? Someone might and should do it at last.


Today’s good news, the UK being the first to immunize  its population, American Ex-Presidents to be the first on camera to get the vaccine to encourage  people around the world to trust the vaccine.


Three big Leaders, Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton are to be the first.


This will happen as soon as the US FDA confirms the vaccine.


They ought to be a great example to Americans and the world in general.


Till now, only three vaccines are about to reach the final phase of experimentation and the UK has already declared it accepts Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, and is ready to administer it to its population.

2021 would be a vaccine’s year and 2022 a normal one.