Husband 40, shoots Priest over his wife

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:10/11/2020 16:48
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At first, they thought it was related to the “Islamic terrorism” that happened in Nice France after Teacher Samuel Paty got killed.

It is only when the Priest came back from “coma” Wednesday 4 November after surgery, that he told the police what really happened.

The suspect, 40, got arrested and  while in court, revealed he had no intention of killing him but warning him because he had been sleeping with his 35 years old wife.

This happened a few days after people were killed in Nice's church in South France.

The killer is said to be a citizen of Georgia while his wife is Russian.

He was arrested at his home in Lyon Paris on Friday 6 November after the Priest talked as announced by Le Parisien.


“It’s obvious that he is the husband of the wife who had been sleeping with the victim”. Said Nicolas Jacquet.

The Priest is recovering. He said before this happened, in September, that he renounced being priest.