Yverry’s New Song is a hit, He hates Divorce

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:2/09/2020 12:19
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Real names, Rugamba Yverry through his new music encouraged people in relationship to forgive their partners just in case.

This news comes following report of Rwanda institute of statistics that shows that in 2019, roughly 9 thousand homes were allowed to legally terminate their marriage contract. The report released in 2019 clearly shows that request for divorce among couples surged so much comparing to number of divorcees in 2018, which indicated that people who ended their relationship was nearly one thousand.

The singer through his music continued to say that couples should forgive each other until thousand times to cherish their relationship instead of parting ways. 

‘’ Is a vow a burden?’’ Yverry wondered, adding that leaving your love behind hurts more.

He further said it looks shameful if he invites people to attend his divorce ceremony after couple of months of his inviting them to his wedding. He resents terminating marriage contract until he begged his psyche not to think out it.

‘’ Can you believe it if divorcing requires you to invite people like you did when you had a wedding, it is absolutely shameful!’’ he said.  

The music star attracted people’s attention after he released popular songs such as Aragiye, Quarantine love, Nduwawe, Umutima among others. 

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