Eric G Drops Fresh Single Dubbed ‘Ruzungu’- Watch it here

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:18/08/2019 11:07
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Real names Eric NTAKIRUTIMANA, best known on stage as Aric G, has unveiled his fresh single dubbed ‘Ruzungu’ literally means I will die honesty.

The rising star, Eric G who previously released a hit entitled Umudari which fascinated music lovers in the country has also released another music vibe chanting life of good hearted people who fulfil their duties in the right time.

The 27 says he aimed at telling people they should live in peace and avoid fallouts since they never know what the future holds for them.

‘’ The idea of my song came out when I was seated with my friend with whom we used to share our life stories, such as living with kindness and in good harmony with all people,’’ he recalled.

The believer in Adventist church continued to say he was born gifted and that his family contributed so much to nurture and explore his music talent.  

‘’ It is a vocation because I grew up in a Christian family and I used to sing in a church choir,’’ he said.

It was on sunset when the video was captured, featuring green vegetation and local film actor popularly known as Njuga.

‘’ My song video was captured in Inyamirambo, in the place best known as Gatoto, I really liked the location since I wanted to produce my song in old school music style,’’ he added.

A lady who appears in the single was taken as a cornerstone since her presence tells the entire story of the song.

‘’ That girl was the main focus of my song since she truly conveyed my whole message that I wanted my fans to hear from,’’ he disclosed the secret behind the beautiful lady who appears in his song, which was produced by Ap Goodwin working for The Mane music recording studio.  

Press here to watch ''Ruzungu'' by Eric G

The group of dancers who appeared in his new video are said to be famous dancers in the capital of Rwanda.

 ‘’ I am in talks with Innocent, {the man dressing a suit in the video} to be my music manager,’’ he concluded, adding he seeks to make unique music and expand its borders from local to international level thanks to collaboration with his fans.  He further begged whoever interested in his songs to drop down comments. 


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