Juda – muzik drops a fresh hit ‘’ Bitinde’’

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:15/05/2019 13:19
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A group of two Da Rest and junior known as Juda – muzik after their recent song ‘’RUGENDE’’ which thrilled a lot have now come with a brand new song they called ‘’BITINDE’’. This song is mainly a love story about two people who deeply love and are committed to each other

In an interview with, Da Rest highlighted more on how this song came about and all the procedures they went through to bring it to its existence. ‘’ the actual idea of this song came to us in 2017, we were to perform in musanze at Mani Martin’s event and as we were getting ready to go on stage we thought of something we will do to cheer up the croud and ‘’Bitinde’’ came to mind as an idea which we later developed

He also said that their song is dedicated to all love birds out there and encouraging them to stay true and keep their promises. ‘’this song is about a person who truly loves his/her partner and keeps his/her promises to that person.

Da Rest Juda muzik

Junior Juda - muzik

This song was done and developed thanks to the help of their fellow artists former yemba voice members Moses and Kenny sol. The song was produced by Bob pro and you can find it on Youtube platform of their management The Focus Entertainment

Juda – muzik so far has done their song and have featured some artists like wawundi, Biranvuna , Naratwawe, Rugende, in love featuring uncle Austin and Bitinde which they recently released among others