Richard Ngendakuriyo Releases Soulful Ballad – Watch it here

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:26/04/2019 10:48
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A gospel ballad singer, Richard Ngendakuriyo who rose to fame for hit like ‘’ Aho Uri Yesu’’ has released its video track.

Worshipers liked the song before its video comes out, some of them were unaware of the author, but rather so many could recognize his melody without seeing his face.  


Speaking to, the singer said that he refocused to studies and put music aside for a while.

‘’ I took enough time to firstly concentrate on learning in order to avoid that courses and music disturb each other,’’ he said.

He is pursuing master’s degree in an aspect of counselling, he told us that he returns to music career since he is finishing studies soon. He confides that he authored this song to further pass on his message to Christians, reminding them of, the endless love of Jesus to human kind, welcoming him in their life and receive better change.

Press here to watch the song


‘’ Jesus is our only life, where he lives, there is life as well, I encourage everyone to be subjected to him and prioritize him in their life,’’ Ngendakuriyo said.   

Richard added that he is working on his new album launch and promises that he will bring the music that the public will like to listen to, especially Christians.



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