Kwibuka 25: Apotre Mignonne Lauds Rwanda Patriotic Force for Emancipating Rwandans

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:12/04/2019 11:33
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On the 25th anniversary, Women Foundation Ministries organized a gala entitled Hope convention that aims to remember Tutsis victims killed in the 1994 genocide.

On the second day of the event, the Apotre Mignonne expressed gratitude for the Rwanda patriotic force who liberated the country.

Full names Alice Kabera Mignonne, the Apotre holds a 4 days’ gala staging at Kimihurura, at the women foundation ministries headquarters. On Tuesday 9th April, the Reverend Dr. Antoine Rutayisire graced the event to work with the Apostle to preach a congregation words of God. On the next day, Reverend Ignace shared preaching service with the Apostle.

Apotre Mignonne Alice Kabera addressing to the congregation 

The Apotre, Mignonne assured the congregation that they would acquire spiritual wisdom. ‘’ We will not get out of here as we got in here because none meets Jesus and leave just like that, God saves, it is a problem if death kills your people and you can’t mourn for them, I came to reassure mourners, let us carry our grief to God,’’ she said.   

The Apotre admired a brave commitment of Rwanda patriotic force who stopped the mass slaughter against the Tutsi of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

‘’ Let us remember people who lost lives and FPR-Inkotanyi who left all behind and came to Rwanda to set us free, we are grateful that some people were rescued from the mass killings, let us remember when we rebuild ourselves and refurbish when we protect our achieved progress,’’   She told the congregation.  

Women Foundation Ministries (WFM) started in 2006, founded and represented by Apostle Alice Mignonne. This is a ministry that empowers families through women. Mignonne is claimed to have started this ministry as a revelation that God gave her while she was in prayers. She was reportedly told to empower families spiritually, emotionally and physically.


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