Senderi Drops a fresh single Dubbed "Amateka yacu” Watch it here

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:5/04/2019 10:54
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As of now,Rwandans are in preparations of commemorating the 1994 genocide against the tutsi on its 25th time. Singers are among of the people taking part in the commemoration period in behalf of their songs, Senderi Hit is one of the artists. He has released his new video track entitled ‘Amateka yacu’’ simply means,our history in Kinyarwanda

Releasing this song, senderi asks all leaders including the local leaders to listen to  it because he believes it is going to play a big role in this period of 100 days of commemorating the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis.

Through his Instagram account, Senderi Hit has a message to all Rwandans in general: “As we commemorate the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis on its 25th turn, I comfort the survivors. My new song called ‘’ Amateka yacu’’ which I believe will help a lot I urge every Rwandan citizen to watch and also share with others. I request all leaders including local leaders, private sectors, and other institutions to advocate for this song which will help from 7th April through these 100 days of commemorating the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi,'' he wrote.

This artist told  that he has been busy lately trying to get this song of commemoration done and he thanks all people involved including producers and , especially those who acted in the video of this song .




  • Karamba Mark2 months ago
    Oh Senderi,Nice text but I am sorry to say this:Which kind of melody is this?Seriously I pity the producer who did this!This is a total nonsense.It is not a song nor a speech! Get serious man:We are remembering ours do not just drop any rubbish that runs into your old head!Bullshit

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