Rwema Denis, a former manager for Charly and Nina joins The Mane

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:25/03/2019 14:22
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Rwema Denis is known for helping artists in Rwanda. He became famous when he started managing Urban Boys when they were still under Super Level management. After leaving the group, he did various tasks and later became a manager for Charly and Nina. He has now joined The Mane.

Rwema Denis has formerly been working with various artists namely Urban Boys and Charly & Nina. He first worked with Urban Boys and later teamed up with Alex Muyoboke  to manage girl group Charly &Nina.

Rwema who once was a manager for Urban Boys

INYARWANDA has learnt that Rwema Denis has now joined The Mane, one of the labels that are standing strong in the industry. He was recruited and appointed as the manager of the label. The Mane signed artists like Marina, Safi Madiba, Queen Cha and Jay Polly. Bad Rama who owns The Mane confirmed the news to Inyarwanda although he did not go into details of the job agreement. 

Rwema formerly worked with Muyoboke Alex in the management of Charly & Nina

Rwema about to work with Safi Madiba again, 2 years after Safi left Urban Boys group



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