Adrien Misigaro has arrived in Rwanda to support his brother Gentil Mis in his upcoming concert

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:5/03/2019 16:47
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On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at about 8:00 pm, Adrien Misigaro arrived at Kanombe international airport of Kigali, where he was welcomed by a group of different beautiful girls and musician Patient Bizimana. Adrien Misigaro told INYARWANDA that he is very pleased to return to Rwanda where he last was in 2017.

Brothers Adrien Misigaro and Gentil Misigaro have a song entitled 'Buri Munsi' loved by lots of gospel fans. They also have a pending song called 'Salama'. Gentil Misigaro, who is having his first concert in Rwanda, is a professional musician and producer mostly known for his songs like 'Burimunsi', 'Biratungana' among others. He arrived in Rwanda on the 1st March 2019.


Adrien being interviewed at the airport

Adrien Misigaro arrived in Rwanda on Tuesday. He rose to fame after his hit songs like 'Ntacyo Nzaba’ featuring Meddy, 'Buri munsi’, 'Hano ku Isi' with Gentil Misigaro and ‘Nkwite Nde’ featuring The Ben.



Patient Bizimana welcoming Adrien Misigaro at the airport

Adrien Misigaro was invited by his brother Gentil Misigaro in his concert. Other guest artists are: Aime Uwimana, Alarm Ministries, Bosco Nshuti, Evan Jarrell and Shekinah worship team from Masoro. 

For early birds, ticket fee is 5,000Frw, 10,000Frw in VIP seats, 200,000Frw for a table of 8. For those who will buy tickets at the gate the price will be10,000Frw,15,000Frw in  the VIP seats, and  200,000Frw for a table of 8 people.


The concert Gentil  misigaro invited Adrien Misigaro and Evan Jarrel


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Click here to watch ‘burimunsi’ by Gentil misigaro ft Adrien misigaro