Kenya Ports Authority CEO, Dr Arch. Daniel Manduka received Miss and Mister Elegancy Rwanda 2018

Author: Mihigo Saddam
On:27/11/2018 8:31
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Kenya Ports Authority CEO, Dr Arch. Daniel Manduku over the weekend received Rosine Mukangwije who holds Miss Elegancy 2018 Crown and Divic Nshongore Niyirora 2018 Mister Elegancy who paid him a courtesy call at his office in Mombasa.

The three discussed how Miss and Mister Elegancy could be key in strengthening business relations between Rwanda and Kenya. Dr. Manduku was honoured to take them on a guided tour of the Port saying in future considerations will be made to use Miss Elegancy winners as KPA ambassadors in Rwanda.


Mr Elegancy 2018, Divic Nshongore told INYARWANDA it was a great opportunity to tour the Mombasa Port that serves most of the region. Previously he had only read about it and the amount of work that goes on there, he was privileged to witness this first hand.

Divic said, “We then asked if there is any possible way that they can work with Rwandans as in having a branch in Kigali, and he said there is already a Kigali office which is open to any Rwandan business person receiving goods through Mombasa. Most of the KPA information will be disseminated on Royal FM airwaves after the two organizations sign a partnership deal.’

Both Miss and Mister Elegancy Rwanda 2018 left Rwanda on Friday, last week heading to Mombasa in Kenya for a three day vacation as a sponsorship from Royal FM who was one of the organizers of the Mr. & Miss Elegancy pageant.




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Kenya Ports Authority CEO, Dr Arch. Daniel Manduku


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