PGGSS 6 (PICTURES) – Take a look at the highlights of the Nyamirambo live show

Author: Tony Karera
On:6/06/2016 13:39
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As was scheduled this Saturday June 4 in Nyamirambo, the PGGSS contestants showed it off once again in front of fans during a live show. Here is a collection of pictures that sum it all.

It was the first live show among many others done along the PGGSS tortuous path. Please note that it was the third after the Gicumbi and Karongi ones.

Mc Anita Pendo and Buryohe lead the ceremony before introducing the artists; 6.30 was the time the first artist came onto stage – TBB, who sang Vuza Ingoma.



Tino, who came on stage wearing a mask

TBB fans

Danny Vumbi followed with Ni Uwacu and Ni Danger.

Danny Vumbi gave a great show compared to the previous ones

Afterwards came Umutare Gaby, known for his mellifluous voice. He entertained the people and fans with Mesa Kamwe and Ntunkangure.

Umutare Gaby performing on stage

Urban Boys, who were the most acclaimed, then had the stage for themselves. Safi started with the intro of Nyamirambo, a song he made with Fireman. Till I Die and Tayali closed the stage for this amazing group.

Urban Boys fans

Safi Madiba

Nizzo Kaboss

Humle Gizzo

Jules Sentore was also at stage, right after Urban Boys. With his voice as powerful tool, he sang Udatsikira and Angela.

Jules Sentore in action

Danny Nanone, the sole male Hip Hop artist, came in with strength, asserting that Hip Hop is leading and winning all the way. He then thanked all his fans and the people who came at the show, ending with a note of his giving 500,000 Rwf to Nyamirambo for development purposes.

Danny Nanone thanking fans

Danny Nanone’s fans

Danny finished by singing Ikirori, on a hit these days

Bruce Melodie illustrated himself through Ndakwanga and Umutwe.

Bruce Melodie’s fans

Bruce Melodie

Abasitari and Agatima artist Christopher came in, also entertaining thousands in Nyamirambo.

Christopher’s fans

Christopher in action

Allioni performed live for the first time in her career. Pole Pole and Impinduka were on her hit list.

Allioni dancing

Last, but definitely not least, Young Grace came in as the other Hip Hop artist in this year’ s PGGSS edition. She sang Sweet Poupou.

Young Grace

Dancers of Young Grace

A new Primus bottle was shown during the show near the end line

The great night ended with a song in which all 10 contestants participated to sing and dance

Pictures: Courtesy of Moses Niyonzima/Afrifame Pictures


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