"What a blessing to meet my role model!" Rwandan Ev. Janet Israel of New Jerusalem Temple after meeting with Rev. Lucy Natasha-PHOTOS

Author: Mupende Gedeon Ndayishimiye
On:16/02/2022 8:25
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Rwandan Ev. Janet Uwimbabazi also known as Janet Israel met her Kenyan role model Reverend Lucy Natasha for the second time on February 13, 2022 in Kenya.

Shortly after the meeting, Janet expressed her gratitude with a message she posted on Instagram.

“What a Blessing to meet my role model, my sister and prophet Carmel! It was a blessing to celebrate with you the first anniversary of (ECC) Empowerment Christian Church. May you celebrate the millennium,” read the post.

Janet, Pastor of the New Jerusalem Temple in Kigali, was in Nairobi at Natasha’s invitation to attend the launch of the “Fearless Generation”, the event coincides with a year-long celebration of the Empowerment Christian Church (ECC) led by Rev. Natasha and her husband Prophet Carmel.

Janet works with Exodus Tours and Travel Agency that handles trips to Israel. She has been assisting several pastors and evangelists in visiting Israel.

She described Reverend Natasha as a woman of confidence and courage, anointed and responsible preacher.

“I love Rev. Natasha. We met for the first time in Kigali in 2018. She is a true servant of God. She’s my role model, ” Janet said.

Natasha, an anointed and popular female pastor, visited Kigali in 2018 when she attended a three-day conference organised by Zoe Family Ministries.

She is an evangelist with a passionate commitment to empowering her generation through the power of the gospel and has preached extensively at conferences, seminars, and gospel festivals in the United States, Africa, England, and the Middle East.

Many more people have been reached through books, media campaigns and online platforms.

Among her publications are Characteristics of a God Leading Lady, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, 7 Keys to Success and Every Problem has an Expiry Date.

"What a blessing to meet my role model" Ev. Janet said

Ev. Janet Israel of New Jerusalem Temple

Ev. Janet Israel with Rev. Lucy Natasha and Prophet Carmel

Ev. Janet Israel with Pastor Esther Wanjiru, biological mother of Rev. Lucy Natasha

Rev. Lucy Natasha with her husband Prophet Carmel

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