Sahihi Returns With Great Hit to Thrill Music Lovers

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:29/09/2020 18:30
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Sahihi who rose to fame thanks to his track ‘Umukunzi’has returned to entertain music lovers after couple of days of his quietness. He is coming back with new hit video he entitled Mpumura.

Irakiza Sahihi received a widespread recognition after he released his songs such as Umukunzi, Mubwire to mention but a few. He has been quiet for a while but he proved himself that he is still a promising artist after he dropped a great hit made by Mastolamusic.

The track video was mastered by Ganza Steve, best known as Koinet studio. Click here and watch 'Umukunzi' by Sahihi.

As of now, the Adventist church believer stays in Kenya where he believes is a comfortable environment for him to boom his singing talent. He said that he previously underwent life difficulties that hindered him from doing songs, during his stay in Nairobi, leading him to almost be forgotten.

Sahihi is coming back with a great hit

‘’ It was a wonderful moment because I was in prayers’’ he told Inyarwanda that he wrote his song while he was saying a word of prayer.

‘’ I received a lot of testimonies of people who converted and received salvation because of my song,’’ he said, adding that there are many people who got revived and converted for good owing to his music.

He further confided to Inyarwanda that he did this new track to restore his reunion with God.

‘’ I assessed myself and realised that I can do nothing but ask God for strength and wisdom, through prayers, in order to serve him,’’ he said.  

Having been born in Musanze, to the North of Rwanda, the young artist pledged to please his music lovers again.

‘’ I assure you that I am working on a new album that will thrill you. I love you and may God bless you all,’’ he promised.  

Press here and watch Mpumura by Sahihi



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