Comedian Samu Zuby Misses Preliminary Parliamentary List

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:7/06/2024 11:16
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On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) released the provisional list of candidates for the 2024 parliamentary elections. Among those missing from the list was popular comedian Samu Zuby, a member of the Zuby Comedy Group, who had hoped to represent the youth in the Legislative Assembly.

According to the NEC, a total of 23 individuals met the necessary requirements for the two parliamentary seats reserved for youth representatives. The prerequisites included submitting a copy of the national ID, a criminal record check, a medical certificate, and other official documents. Samu Zuby was among 11 candidates who did not meet all the criteria, specifically missing an official medical certificate.

In an interview with InyaRwanda, Samu expressed his determination to resolve the issue. "I submitted a medical certificate, but I was informed that it needs to be from an accredited doctor. I am now working on obtaining the required document to complete my candidacy," he stated. The other disqualified candidates included Muvara Valens, Byiringiro Emmanuel, and Niyitanga Fiston, among others.

Samu had previously shared his political ambitions, emphasizing his desire to contribute to youth development. He revealed a project aimed at creating employment opportunities for at least 60 young people monthly. 

"I have been working on this project for three years. If given the chance, it will provide jobs across various sectors," he explained. Samu also highlighted the positive impact of the comedy industry, citing his work with Transparency Rwanda and the police on anti-corruption and road safety campaigns. 

The NEC has given candidates until June 13 to meet the requirements and finalize their applications.

Political ambitious comedian Samu Zuby misses Youth Member of Parliament Candindate List