Bruce Melodie Responds: Paternity Dispute with Agasaro Diane - VIDEO

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:16/05/2024 16:54
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Renowned musician and songwriter Bruce Melodie, known by his stage name Bruce Melodie, has announced his decision not to remain silent on matters concerning children, particularly after discovering that "a child is a treasure."

This revelation comes as a response to a letter sent to him by lawyer Turahirwa Théogène representing Agasaro Diane, who claims to be the mother of a child she had with Bruce Melodie.

On April 22nd, 2024, Agasaro Diane, through her lawyer, reached out to Bruce Melodie and his label at 1:55 AM, requesting a paternity test and offering custody terms for the child.

"In our discussions, we have come to different conclusions about parental responsibilities, especially in providing custody [...] up to now, Agasaro Diane is the one who ensures that the child has the necessary care, clothing, school fees, and healthcare," the lawyer stated in the letter.

In response, Turahirwa urged Bruce Melodie to adhere to the agreed-upon terms of custody, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution to avoid legal complications and ensure the child's best interests.

"We, therefore, kindly request your cooperation in our mutual understanding to expedite this matter, with a commitment to abide by all legal procedures to ensure justice is served. We appreciate your efforts in addressing this issue promptly," the letter continued.

Recent reports suggest that Bruce Melodie was in Uganda alongside his label representatives, engaging in discussions with Diane Agasaro regarding the paternity of their child.

It's reported that Bruce Melodie agreed to provide Agasaro Diane with financial support amounting to 10 million Rwandan Francs. However, Agasaro has allegedly not been in contact with Bruce Melodie since then, resorting to legal means to secure custody of their child. While Agasaro Diane resides in Uganda, the child allegedly resides in Rwanda and has commenced schooling.

In an interview with Isibo TV on July 8, 2020, Bruce Melodie addressed the ongoing dispute with Agasaro Diane, which began to surface publicly in 2016, asserting his reluctance to accept the child as his own.

"I appreciate your concern. It's indeed a significant issue, but what I can say is that I don't consider myself responsible for a child who is not mine," he stated.

The singer, known for his hit song "When She's Around," featuring Shaggy from Jamaica, revealed that he had requested Agasaro Diane to undergo a DNA test, but she refused.

"I suggested we undergo DNA testing to clear any doubts, but she declined," he said.

As both parties remain embroiled in a legal battle, the fate of the child hangs in the balance, caught in the crossfire of parental disputes and legal intricacies.

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