Mr Reality Set to Sue Fifi Raya and Manager Ddumba

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:10/05/2024 16:45
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A legal storm is gathering as entrepreneur Mr Reality moves to sue artists Fifi Raya and manager Ddumba for their alleged neglect of song promotion duties in the case of "Kora."

After initially agreeing to collaborate on "Kora," featuring artists Fifi Raya, Nadia, Pamanento, Sicha One Artist, and Oxygene, the song's momentum faltered, leading to its abrupt removal from circulation.

None of the artists involved in "Kora" were its owners; instead, they were collectively managed by Rutagengwa JMV, known as Mr Reality, who had previously struck a deal with Ddumba who supports Fifi Raya in her music career.

According to reports from InyaRwanda, after receiving full payment for their contributions to the song, Fifi Raya withdrew from promotional activities, citing reasons that Mr Reality found unsatisfactory. 

Subsequent discussions uncovered Ddumba's justifications for the contractual breaches, citing the need for additional financial assistance for Fifi Raya's other projects, which were not provided.

With negotiations at an impasse and no resolution in sight, Mr Reality has announced his intention to pursue legal action, seeking reimbursement for expenses incurred during the promotion of "Kora."

As tensions escalate and legal proceedings loom, the music industry awaits the outcome of this dispute, which could have far-reaching consequences for all parties involved.

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