Access Bank showcases financial opportunities for Women and Girls

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:21/03/2024 16:51
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Prossie Kalisa, the Chief Business and Digital Officer at Access Bank, shed light on the financial opportunities available to women and girls, addressing some of the challenges faced by both groups in accessing funds and seeking financial empowerment.

Kalisa made these remarks during the "Women In Leadership Summit & Awards," organized by Lead Access, an initiative led by Iris Irumva, a prominent figure in financial literacy and banking for women and girls.

The summit, held at the Kigali Convention Center [KCC] on Thursday, March 14, 2024, and continued on Friday, March 15, 2024, honored individuals and organizations, including Access Bank, for their contributions to women and girls.

The first day of the summit focused on addressing various issues affecting women and girls, from accessing loans to seeking capital and financial literacy, with an emphasis on empowering women and girls to succeed in business.

The summit emphasized the importance of women and girls in agriculture, finance, and innovation, as well as the need to promote financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

Kalisa, who shared insights into financial management and entrepreneurship during the summit, highlighted the significance of Access Bank's initiatives in supporting women and girls in their financial journeys.

Why is Access Bank supporting the Women In Leadership Summit & Awards?

Supporting women and girls is a cornerstone of Access Bank's mission, and the bank has launched several initiatives aimed at helping women and entrepreneurs succeed.

These initiatives include providing financial literacy training, assisting in accessing credit facilities, and offering mentorship programs to women and girls to enhance their financial skills.

Through the "W Academy," women and girls receive training in various fields, including entrepreneurship, financial management, and leadership. The program is part of Access Bank's commitment to promoting women's economic empowerment and supporting entrepreneurship.

Access Bank employees, including 49% female staff, as well as senior management positions, such as the Head of Treasury, Chief Internal Auditor, and others, are actively involved in these initiatives.

The bank has also introduced profit-sharing schemes and incentives for women and girls participating in its programs to encourage continued investment in their businesses through Access Bank.

Kalisa addressed issues related to accessing funds and seeking financial empowerment:

During her address, Kalisa highlighted some challenges faced by women and girls, such as intimidation, gender bias, and the perception that financial matters are primarily male-dominated. She emphasized the importance of financial literacy and confidence-building among women and entrepreneurs.

Kalisa advised attendees to be proactive in managing their finances and to seek assistance when needed, emphasizing that financial independence requires knowledge and initiative.

She also acknowledged the existence of various financial tools and resources available to women and girls, urging them to take advantage of Access Bank's offerings and to seek guidance from knowledgeable sources.

Kalisa concluded by reaffirming Access Bank's commitment to supporting women and girls in their financial journeys, emphasizing the bank's dedication to promoting financial inclusion and economic empowerment for all.

The Women In Lead Summit was a collaborative event aimed at recognizing and rewarding women and girls who have demonstrated excellence, diversity and innovation