50 teams will participate in Rutsindura Memorial Tournament 2023

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:9/06/2023 12:22
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Annual Rutsindura Memorial Tournament 2023 will be participated by 50 teams from professional to primary schools.

From this Saturday 10 to Sunday 11 June 2023, in Huye District, there will be a competition to commemorate Rutsindura Alphonse who has been one of the main pillars in the development of this game over the years.

According to some of the organizers of the tournament, about 50 teams have registered to participate in the games in the categories of boys and girls, seniors and juniors.

In the first class of men there will be; APR VC, Police VC, REG VC, Gisagara VC, IPRC Musanze, KVC VC, UR Nyarugenge, Amical Sports de Bujumbura. Among women: APR WVC, Police WVC, RRA WVC, IPRC Kigali, IPRC Huye, G.S. Gikore, T.T.C Save. 

In secondary schools (A Level), 8 teams will participate, including P.SV.F, Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Butare, College du Christ Roi Nyanza, Groupe Scolaire Saint Joseph Kabgayi, Gisagara Volleyball Academy, Nyanza TSS, College Saint Ignace Mugina and College ste Marie Reine Kabgayi. 

In the general category (O Level) 9 teams will participate namely; P.SV.F, Butare Official School Group, Christ Roi Nyanza College, Mugomba School Group, Karama School Group, College st Ignace Mugina Regina Pacis Tumba, GS St Philip Neri. 

Primary schools will participate in 7 teams, namely G. S Gikore, Ikibondo (Garcons), G.S Matyazo, G.S Gisagara A, G. S Gatovu, G.S Mugomba, Ikibondo (Filles). 

Non-professionals (Amateurs) will participate in 11 teams: ASEVIF, Mamba VC, Tout Age, Umucyo VC, Relax VC, Loisier Veterant Volleyball MINADEF, Buffle Fort, Nyamagabe, Gisenyi Active VC, and Kudumu. 

Rutsindura Alphonse was born in 1958 in Ndora in Gisagara District, he studied high school in Karubanda Small Seminary, and continued his higher education in IPN (National Pedagogical Institute) in Butare. 

He became a teacher of music and Latin in the Seminary, the Referee and Coach of the Seminary team between 1983 and 1994, the head coach of the National Women's Team between 1988 and 1990, the Vice President of the Volleyball Federation (FRVB) and the Coach of Rayon Sports VC in 1990. 

Rutsindura Alphonse was killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 along with his wife Mukarubaiza Verena and their three children: Iriza Alain, Izera Arsène and Iceya Alida.