Niyonkuru Samuel Wins Kivu Belt Race Over his Rivals Including Mugisha Moise on the Beach

Author: InyaRwanda
On:28/03/2023 14:24
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Niyonkuru Samuel who plays for Inovo Tec has won Kivu Belt Race over his counterpart rivals including Muhoza Eric and Mugisha Moise who initially led the race.

Kivu Belt race was added to the races organized by Rwanda Cycling Federation (FERWACY). It was started on this Sunday for the first time in the history of cycling in Rwanda and it will be repeated every year and invested in by district of Rubavu and FERWACY. This was the second race which the team of Inovo Tec took part in, which it won indeed through the hard work of Niyonkuru Samuel who strived for wining to the last minute of the race.

When this race initially started, it was played by pre-teens aged between 15 and 16. At this stage, pre-teens had to race for a period of one hour and a distance of 7 km and 100 m. These pre-teens were under age limit restriction which stated that no child should participate if he/she was born in below 2007.

Among boys, Byusa Pacific who plays for Les Amis Spotif became the first using 39 minutes and 15 seconds, Niyotwizera Lambert of Cine Elmay became the second whereas Gisubizo Issa, the third.

Among girls, Niyokwizera Clementine became the first, Ishimwe Françoise became the second, whereas Muramutsa Deborah, the third, all these girls played for Bugesera Cycling team.

Cyusa showcased talent for cycling among younger generation

After these pre-teens, they were followed young adults and older girls, where they had to bike for a distance of 63 Km. Nirere Xaverine who played independently became the first using one hour and 54 minutes. Mukashema Josiane who plays for Benediction Club took the second place, Mwamikazi Djazila became the third. 

Bugesera team outcompeted others amongst pre-teens

In young adults’ category, Nshutiraguma Kevin of Cine Elmay Cycling Team took over the first place, followed by Nshimiyimana Phocas, Shyaka Janvier who played as an independent candidate, became the third. At this time those who reside in the district were so excited about it with many fans at the finish line, and many people waited for adult cyclists to start.

At 1PM O’clock, actually, the principal race kicked off, where cyclists had to round 15 times, players like Mugisha Moise, Hareruya Joseph, Nsengimana Jean Bosco and Muhoza Eric were very ready at the very beginning.

The race’s speed was very high at the very beginning, where cyclists were riding for 39 Km/hour. Uwiduhaye of Benediction took lead for the first two times, at the third time, Manizabayo Eric took over the race. At this time, they left six times to round, Mugisha Moise took over, too, and surpassed his fellow cyclists for a period of one minute.

As number of rounds diminished, the time that Mugisha Moise surpassed his rivals started decreasing as well to the point where Mugisha Moise was head 20 seconds Niyonkuru Samuel who plays for Inovo Tec.

When they were in a round prior to the last one, Muhoza Eric who initially worked closely with Niyonkuru Eric started to chat with him and asked him to speed up because he would win and they eventually worked hard overtaking Mugisha Moise who was previously the first when they were at closer to Kivu Lake.

At the last round of the race, Muhoza Eric distanced himself from Niyonkuru Eric, which allowed him to win the race by using a period of 2 hours and 40 minutes, Muhoza Eric became the second, Tuyizere Etienne won for the third place.

All these cyclists also are on the top list of players aged under 23 years. Kivu Belt was the third cycling race which happened in this year of 2023 among the competitions organized by FERWACY. 

Niyonkuru Samuel became the first player of Inovo Tec who won a race since this team started 

Bahati Jusus aged 9 years old, is one among pre-teens who took part in Kivu Belt Race, where he showed his talent in cycling and unique skills involved in such a race