Peace Hozy has explained reasons why she got into music after three years of helping artists

Author: InyaRwanda
On:27/03/2023 10:49
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The singer Peace Hoziyana [Peace Hozy] three years ago appeared on dance floor many times assisting artists while in concerts. Not only that but also because this young lady helped artists in shooting of songs and so many other activities related music.

His name is very popular and close to artists of gospel songs such as Israel Mbonyi, James and Daniella, Zawadi, Serge Iyamuremye, Patient Bizimana, Prosper Nkomezi, Adrien Misigaro, Gentil Misigaro, Gaby Kamanzi, Aline Gahongayire, and so many others with whom they worked together on different occasions.

This young lady also participated in several concerts which were prepared by East African Promoters (EAP) like Iwacu Muzika Festival, the concert in which Israel Mbonyi presented two albums which took place in BK Arena and so many different others.

In conversation with InyaRwanda, Peace Hoziyana [Peace Hozy] said that past three years helping artists in singing was not an easy journey but learned so many important lessons on which her career she has started in music as an independent artist will be founded.

She said that, “that’s true indeed I have been more than 3 years helping artists in different concerts it was a journey from which I benefited from, more importantly that it opened a way for me of being known in music, which led me to knowing each other with many people, talents that I had in myself were growing slow by slow.”

She added that, “however I kept praying to the point where God told me that it was the right time, then I started it.”

On 18th of March 2023 is when this young lady released her first gospel song called ‘Uganze,’ Kinyarwanda language-its translation in English ‘Uganze’ means ‘dominate’ or ‘have your way in me’-which shaded light on songs she decided to sing.

This song included descriptions of her life’s scenarios and it involved prayer. There was where she sang like “arms are lifted up high I give myself entirely and my belongings to you, my future life and of today, I put them in your hands come have our way in me.”

She was asking God for taking control in herself, to fill in her because herself can’t reach anywhere.

She says that starting career in music isn’t an accidently, because when she concluded her secondary education, she could feel it, but didn’t know exactly when to start it, that’s why she prayed God so hard to support her at the right time.

She added that “ I wished to use my talent in building God’s kingdom.”

She had wished to make song since many years ago, and decided to build on Gospel

This young lady says that she grew up in a family that admires music, and her family members told her that ‘when her dad like to sing when he was alive.’

Her first born brother is a good musician player, her little sister has talent of singing and majored in music in college of music of Nyundo’, also her other siblings try to sing, but not professionally.

Hozy says that her pension in church and holy scriptures are among which made her wanting to make songs which glorify God.

Above all, she wishes to use her talent to proclaim kingdom of heaven.

She said that,” reasons why I engaged in Gospel, it was my dream since long ago I constantly desired to serve God through my voice, at least I felt there are some being comforted or receiving salvation through talent which God lent me.

The goal which she entered gospel music with.

Many among new artists who join music, they all commit to do everything for their talents to be known, and they lay their brick on music of the country.

Not all accomplish these stated above. Because of everyone’s opportunity, some become successful while others don’t succeed yet they have unique talent.

Hozy told InyaRwanda that she has been in music many years ago but just working with her fellow artists, she noticed how hard they worked promoting God’s work.

She says they is not too far from them, because her main goal in joining music includes ‘to lay my brick in this work, more importantly in Gospel industry.’

This young lady also says that she want to work hard for talents that God put in her heart are shared with other people. She added that, “like a beginner, goals and plans are many.”

Peace Hoziyana is one among students who graduated her studies from college of Music of Nyundo. After, she participated in competition of talented in music like East Africa’s Got Talent, which was won by Ugandans.

This young lady says that majoring in music made her knowledgeable in like way she uses her voice, way she makes use of her arts, how she should behave on stage, to have specific values basing on the fact that she is an artist and so on.

Hozy emphasizes East Africa’s Got Talent is a good platform which enabled her to meet with many people, and helped her to get jobs from many occasions.

It is a competition in which she met with people who have many talents and different, and got many people of importance with whom she knew each other.

She said, “shortly, ‘East Africa’s Got Talent’ enabled me to be more confident, and believed in myself that I could do something.”

Peace Hozy joined gospel music industry, through his first song which she released called ‘Uganze’

Peace Hozy said that on many occasions many people advised her to engage in music, but in her she could feel it wasn’t the right time, yet

Hozy said that she took time to come closer to God, and God her the right time of doing music, independently

Peace said that studying music and taking part in East Africa’s Got Talent enabled her to be knowledgeable and meet with people

Peace Hozy helped Israel Mbonyi on different occasions with songs that he put in his albums like ‘Mbonye icyambu’

Peace said that he joined Gospel Music, because she wants to use her talent to proclaim kingdom of God