Covid-19: Ellen Degeneres thanks her friends and fans for their support

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:15/12/2020 11:23
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The big name Ellen Degeneres who owns “The Ellen Show” thanks whoever is supporting her by comfort messages after she tested positive for covid-19.

As it might be hard to believe, she might have been infected or not many big personalities as she has been in contact with many of them through her show; “The Ellen Show”.

Among others are Justin Bieber, Film Director and actor Bryan Cranston, Diane Keaton, Alison Brie and US rapper Lil Nas X.

Till now, she is feeling well as she announced in her message on 10 th december announcing that she tested positive.

Since then, no special tweet concerning her situation

She is not the first nor the only High personnality to test positive, localy or worldwide.

Covid -19 has been lately the cause of death of millions and millions around the world but thank God the world started taking vaccine.