Covid-19: The first Vaccine to prevent 90% of Covid-19 infections

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:10/11/2020 16:58
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The first covid-19 to prevent 90% has been declared by Pfizer and BioNTech companies. These two companies confirmed that their vaccine is 90% performance.


“The great day for science and people” they declared

“This vaccine has been tested to 43,500 people in six different countries and they had best results,” they added.

In the end of November, they are planning to declare it officially to the world and ask for the right to use the vaccine urgently.


About fifty different vaccines are being tested around the world but this is the first to show results.


Some of its components are said to be Covid’s.


One should get two doses in three weeks. Tests happened in US, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Turkey.

Studies have shown that this vaccine could protect a human body from 90 % against Covid-19 after seven days of second dose.

Pfizer declared they could make 50 millions of doses before the end of 2020 and 1,3 milliards before the end of 2021.

For its efficacy, the vaccine should be protected under 80Celcium and till now, it’s still a mystery how long it could protect against covid-19.


“We are about to give the world the cure they need to end this pandemic time” declared Dr Albert Bourla from Pfizer.


“This is a big step” declared Prof Ugur Sahin, from German BioNTech.

 Studies are not final. Studies were about first 94 people who got infected with covid-19, which means things could change.


They are expecting to get the final results of the studies by the third week of November 2020.