President Kagame Celebrates Birthday of 63 Years-old

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:23/10/2020 20:39
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Local singer, Intore Masamba released a ballad which lauds the president Kagame, who has been leading the country for 20 years now. Dozens of people Congratulated the President on his celebration of 63 years-old. .

Except for the singer, who released a ballad that praises the president Kagame, many people took on Facebook page to acknowledge the President’s birthday. ‘’ Happy Birthday long life and prosperity, May God Almighty prosper you and bless you, commented Wambona Sylvester.

The President of the republic of Rwanda this Friday celebrated the birthday of 63 years-old.

The birthday news of the president Kagame comes following a birthday  celebration of his granddaughter who was born on 19th July 2020. Then, the president was buoyant and took on his twitter handle to express his gratitude towards the little born.

‘’I had the most restful weekend with this little wonderful human being. Bless!!!’’ tweeted the president Kagame.  

President Kagame with his grandddaughter 

Speaking to Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, the President on 6th September 2020 confided that his daughter delivered a wonderful baby girl, who is growing up faster and that he would find a way to visit her more often.

She is a healthy girl, she is growing up fast, and when I get time after work, I rush to visit her,” he promised.

The President’s firstborn daughter, Ange Ingabire Kagame along with her husband, Bertrand Ndengeyingoma welcomed their firstborn on 19 July 2020.    

People reacted on the post massively since it seemed that it was the first time for them to take a look at the president’s grandchild who was born at the Kigali King Faisal Hospital. 

‘’What a beautiful picture!..very deserving of every bit of happiness she brings your excellency,’’ reacted Claire Akamanzi, Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board. 

The picture kept surfing many people’s WhatsApp statuses while others couldn’t hold back their emotional comments. Some people retweeted it several times while likes seemed endless.

On July 20, 2020, President Kagame announced birth news of his granddaughter via Twitter handle, saying: “Since yesterday we are very happily and 'officially’ grandparents. Congratulations A&B!! ..:):):) What a joy!?” , “First time is even more exciting!” he added.

President Kagame along with Fred Gisa Rwigema. 

The descendant of Mutara ii left for Uganda in 1961 when he was just four years-old due to a massacre against Tutsi which broke out in 1959 in Rwanda. Later, he began to go to school at the Shungerezi refugees camp where he met Fred Gisa Rwigema for the first time in 1962. 

Press here to listen to a poem dedicated to President Kagame



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