Kula Kulipa hit maker Walks down the aisle as He Forgets about his Firstborn's Mother

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:18/10/2020 19:32
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Desire Nziza who rose to fame thanks to his hit dubbed Kula Kulipa tied the knot after siring Natacha’s child.

The Burundian and brother to famous singer Dr Claude walked down the aisle with Bijoux Inarukundo.

In a colourful wedding held on Friday in Bujumbura Desire confirmed to the general public he got a life companion. In accordance with Islamic doctrines the duo will be allowed to live together since 7th November after religious ceremony whilst civil marriage will take place on 13th November 2020.

The singer this Sunday told Inyarwanda he has been in relationship with Bijoux for eight years now. He continued to stress that Bijoux is a loyal and loving woman.   

"I love her because of her loyalty and we are old friends and most of all, she is a cultured girl," he told Inyarwanda.

The Iwanyu singer, who conquered Burundians' heart in 2014 due to his music vibes, confided that his heart is full of happiness following his decisive decision he made in a bid to live along with a beautiful woman of his choice.   

Nziza has been to Rwanda and last month left for Burundi to intensify wedding preparation with the girl with whom they have been in love for eight years.  

He previously told Indundi Tv that he parted ways with famous songstress, Natacha who gave birth to his firstborn. Natacha was known for songs such as Mubibona gute, Abarundikazi among others.   

The RnB singer added he tried to contact Natacha in an attempt to be aware of news about his firstborn but communication failed. He wanted his child to be raised in the United States of America, where he has been living roughly thirteen years but Natacha seems reluctant to connect the child with real father.  

The child now turns fifteen years-old but Dad doesn’t know how the child looks like but can only recall given name as Nziza Leila. As a memory of his child, Desire looks to open a music studio in Dallas city, which he will entitle Leila’s production.  


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