Deborah Beza Releases fresh Hit featuring Pastor Bugembe

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:24/09/2020 14:18
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Rwandese songbird has collaborated a fresh hit with Ugandan gospel music king dubbed ‘Living Water.’

Reportedly number one gospel musician in Uganda Wilson Bugembe became irresistible to appear in a breath-taking song released by a Rwandan beauty queen who previously grabbed attention of people of Kampala after unveiling another music, which received a widespread recognition in Uganda entitled ‘ Celebrate’ co-starring Levixione. 

Deborah returned to home country after a couple of months’ locked down in Kampala due to the spreading of coronavirus pandemic. Muhumure hit maker devises to bag music pride across African continent to make her childhood dream come true.
Deborah Beza unveiled her 3rd music since she began singing  

She hardly faltered to please gospel music lovers since she realized that her talent lies in singing. It appears that she expects to make a difference.  

‘’ In few words, God knows everything that you do, whether it is bad or not, he knows all of your life and destiny,’’ she told Inyarwanda, adding that the song carries a message for people who are yet to know that God is Omnipotent.

‘’ Living Water is my song that I wrote in May; it means that God is Almighty. People might hate you, despise you and play down your work, but God sees everything and will find a way out for you,’’ she said.   

She continued to confide that she was so much impressed with how people from Kampala positively reacted to her track ‘Celebrate’ that she collaborated with Levixione. This encouraged her to ponder over her next move to wow not merely Ugandans but the world.

 ‘’ Honestly, my song- ‘Celebrate’- inspired me to do this new one{Living Water} because many people showed me that they like worshiping music, by reacting on my social media and media tours that I have done, they showed me happiness and love of my music,’’ she said.


She complemented that she plans to do somethings big to please her fans wherever they are, in an attempt to bring them closer to their true friend{God} who will never let them down like people do.

‘’ This song tells about love of God to human being, our value in font of God’’ she said.

Wilson Bugembe came to Rwanda for Kingdom of God Ministries

Press here to watch LivingWater music of Deborah featuring Wilson Bugembe



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