Rwanda’s Vice Miss Elite, Tina Falls In love with Polish Man

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:8/09/2020 20:20
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First runner up of Miss Elite 2020 personally revealed that she is in love with a polish man.

She has been in a relationship with Lukasz Perzeniewski since two years ago. At the end of the last year, Uwase Clementine posted on her Instagram a captioned picture praising Lukasz.

Miss Tina’s attention was captured by a photographer and talented man.

The couple are confident to easily reveal to people their feelings of romance through posting their selfies posing in the same frame. Amid end of last year celebration days, the loving birds flew to Rwanda for visiting relatives of Tina. The young and gentleman supports Tina to showcase her modelling talent to the world. He has backed her to win the first runner up of Miss Elite 2020.

She confided that she met Lukasz after she moved to Poland in 2018. Their companionship began when Tina asked Lukasz to become her photographer for advertising her fashions and designs.  

‘’ As soon as we met, we went out to have fun together. The following day, we watched a movie together but he told me nothing about how he loves me. I knew nothing regarding going out with a guy, so he gave me a wreath of flowers and I was like wow, so I have fallen in love with him like that,’’ she told Inyarwanda.

She added that the Polish man is respectful and handsome. She could not resist falling in love with him.’’ He came like a storm, honorific and charming,’’ he is my man of my dream.’’

She further said that LuKasz was well received in her family during a week of their stay in Rwanda for vacation, and that memories left behind for both sides will never be forgettable.  

The representative of Rwanda in Miss Supranational competition of 2018, was crowned first runner up in Miss Elite contest of 2020. She was a member of judging panel in Miss Supranational Rwanda 2019. She vied for several beauty pageants and modelling.   


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