King James Co-stars Knowless in Fresh Hit

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:15/07/2020 21:55
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For the first time, song goddess appeared in video track collaborating with the R&B king.

King James is an R&B singing star and has broken record after he grabbed popular music award in Rwanda, best known as Guma Guma Primus Superstars. His music lovers have been wondering who would be in his next music recording and video but none of them believed he could co-star with long lasting songbird in the country.

Ten years back, James ventured into music career still young but it seemed mysterious that Knowless’ sweet voice was never heard in all his previous tracks. However, the duo happened to meet on the stage in a song dubbed Agaciro kanjye featuring Meddy, The Ben, Patient Bizimana and Israel Mbonyi.


The two singers appeared on picture captured by Kina Music Studio four days ago.   

Inyarwanda received news that Knowless is preparing something new for her fans. The source continued to say that she has set to work on music project with the best Salax award winner of the year in 2011. The Poupette singer rose to fame following his popular music vibes that include Ndagukunda, Ntamahitamo, Birandenga, Narashize among others.    


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